Technofruit Superlighteners

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  • Colouring cream with Ammonia
  • 100% grey hair coverage
  • Up to 3 lightening levels
  • Keratin Delivery System Technology
  • 122 shades and 24 chromatic families
  • With Keratin, Coconut, Cotton and Honey Oil
  • Extraordinary cosmetic action and shine
  • Safe results and maximum comfort
  • Apply the colour to dry, unwashed hair mixed with Coactivator
  • Mixture ratio according to the service and the desired result
  • Waiting time according to the work to be performed

Technofruit Colour is the permanent colouring system with Ammonia in cream formula, able to cover up to 100% of grey hair, lighten up to 3 levels and 5 with super lighteners, darken and change tones. It consists of 122 shades, divided into 24 colour families.

The Technofruit Color formula is enhanced with Keratin Delivery System based on Garcinia Mangostana, a powerful anti-oxidant, Coconut Oil, Cotton and Honey to nourish and give elasticity to the hair and Keratin to repair, protect and strengthen.
The creamy conditioning texture is easy to mix and apply for precise and safe results.

The result is a colour with extraordinary cosmetic action and shine and total coverage of white and grey hair.

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