Accessories & Maintenance

Aqua Hair Extensions knows that having a great hair style is nothing if you can’t maintain it. Aqua provides all of the accessories & maintenance products for proper hair management. We offer a wide inventory spanning from shampoo and conditioners to fusion guns and tapes. Aqua Hair Extensions is the one-stop shop for every hair stylist.


We have the best hair products on the market and our shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed to help protect them. They are all designed to be paraben and protein-free to maximize cleanliness and the healthiness of the Remy Hair. We also have an Express Remover and Glide Remover, which help with the removal of our tape-in hair extensions and any remaining residue respectively.

Next, we have our assembly of hair maintenance items. First, we have our Aqua exclusive, boar bristle brush which is ideal for detangling and styling. The bristles add polish and shine when used on our 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions. Secondly, we have Gorilla Hair Clips, known for their durable grip. Finally, we have our assortments of duo-sided and single-sided tapes. These are a must-have for anyone wanting to do tape-in extensions with grace.

We also offer an assortment of useful tools. Our most sought after tool is the Aqua Fusion Gun, which is a requirement for the use of any of our Keratin Fusion Extensions. Another tool designed for the Keratin Extensions is the bond-breaking fusion pliers which help break the bond of the keratin. Finally, the Aqua Color ring, which helps the client determine which hair color will work best for them.

There are still more products to discover on our site. The best way for you to know what we offer is to search for it yourself. We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.