Cylinder Hair Extensions

The cylinder system is a new system that is a hybrid similar to that of a “tape in” system. Without the use of glue or chemicals, our unique Duratip system allows for hair to be applied into these micro cylinders. The installation of I-Tip hair extensions is extremely quick! Micro beads are clamped using stainless steel pliers to securely attach each strand. Our micro cylinder hair extensions used with 100% Remy human hair make it so that you can have a strand-by-strand hair extensions system.


The benefits of the cylinder system that the client can use the hair extensions 3-4 times and have the same natural look of the keratin fusion system.

The maintenance schedule would be very similar to tape in hair extensions. The client should be returning every 4 to 8 weeks for touch ups and maintenance. The cylinder extensions receive the same amount of usability as the tape because you can reuse the product up to 3 times with ease.

When the client has found the cylinder extensions they desire, all it requires is the initial extension which shouldn’t last more than an hour for the entire service. The best way to upkeep the cylinder extensions and Remy hair will be by using Aqua Hair Extensions premium after product shampoos.


Our after product shampoos are all paraben and protein free to maximize the health of the hair while also keeping it fresh and clean. Aqua Hair Extensions stands by this product, and if the customer wants to try hair extensions without worry about clip-ins falling out or the permanence of infusions, we stand by the cylinder system, and our product line of cylinder hair extensions are the best on the market.