Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

Our Keratin Hair Extensions are perfectly fused when using our keratin fusion gun and Italian keratin bond. This strand-by-strand system applies with the use of melting the keratin bond with a fusion gun on to the client’s hair. As with all of our extensions, our keratin fusion hair extensions are using 100% Remy human hair. When your client knows exactly what they want, the temporary solutions will not do. Clip ins, cylinder systems, and tape ins are never going to top the appeal, look and natural look that comes with keratin fusion extensions.


Bonding is the most important fact that always needs to be conveyed to the client. There is a bond forming between your hair and the 100% Remy human hair provided by Aqua Hair Extensions. The keratin bond extensions will be hot fused with your hair at the base which causes a completely seamless transition from strand to strand.

To make the process easier on the stylist, all of our keratin bonded extensions are pre-bonded. By creating pre-bonded keratin hair extensions, you can focus more on the clients hair and where to fuse it and less about finding the applications to add more glue.

Keratin tip hair extensions are the best way to ensure that your client has a look that they are dreaming of. After consulting your client on what color to go for and the way it will all fill out, make sure to go the extra mile with the customer by suggesting some of Aqua Hair Extensions after product shampoos and hair extensions boar bristle brush.

You don’t make an investment in a keratin hot fusion hair extension unless you are prepared to maintain that look for the next four to six months. Our product line all includes paraben and protein free solutions to ensure the maximum healthiness of your keratin extensions.