ShapEgo No Yellow Shape Perfector

ShapEgo No Yellow Shape Perfector

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Alterego Shapego No Yellow Shape Perfector 1000ml - smoothing anti-frizz treatment

The disciplining anti-frizz treatment, thanks to the valuable mix of organic substances that bind to the keratin structure of the hair and the precious anti-yellow pigment, guarantees an intense smoothing performance and at the same time neutralises the unwanted yellow tone.

How to Use

Dry the hair after PREPEGO 0.0 shampoo.
Section the hair and apply the treatment to the locks with a stiff bristle brush.
Massage each lock with your hands to facilitate product penetration.
Leave on
Blow-dry the hair.
Pass the flat iron from the base to the ends.
Wash the hair with PrepEgo 0.0 Shampoo.
Apply Taming Mask to damp hair.
Finally, proceed with blow-drying.


Guarantees exceptionally smooth and free of yellow reflexes.
Leaves hair smooth, healthy and shiny.


For white and cool blond hair, which, when treated, risks yellowing.

Technical Characteristics

Lime Leaf Extract: rich in active substances, it envelops the hair in a film that smoothes the scales, limits water loss, protects the cuticle and reduces porosity.
De-Stress Complex: provides excellent protection against thermal stress caused by styling tools.

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