Ombre Hair Extensions

Tape in ombre hair extensions is the best way to add a little bit of spice to your client’s hair. The simple addition of escalating color will both add volume and life to an already beautiful head of hair. Our ombre hair extensions are guaranteed to be 100% Remy human hair and guaranteed to transition a client’s hair seamlessly and revitalize their looks.


Ombre by definition means “colors that shade into each other.” By adding ombre tape in extensions to a set of hair, you can add a layer of depth to an already beautiful set of hair. While most clients are usually hesitant to allow drastic changes in anything, the ombre is the perfect way for them to try a different look or color comfortably.

This transition is purely because of the way tape in ombre extensions work. They take the base color of the clients hair and then slowly transition it to a new color in a way that is authentic. Ombre hair extensions are starting to make a bigger rise in salons because when clients want a look that dazzles, they want to try something new.


As attention-grabbing as ombres are, they also bring a bit of subtlety. By pulling attention to the color, it allows the volume to speak for itself in the background instead of the foreground. People will think hair dye and hair cut, not hair extensions which can sometimes help put the customer at ease.

Finally, whether the client is a first-time user or an experienced ombre-ist, they will need a decent product to maintain their look. Aqua Hair Extensions offers a premium selection of paraben and protein free shampoos and conditioners to help preserve the healthiness of the extensions. By providing this after product service, we can help extend the longevity of the ombre hair extensions while also increasing the quality of the overall look.

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