Deb Refill Blue Bleach

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Pure Light Blue Powder is a compact bleaching powder with blue pigment for lightening up to 7 levels, neutralising undesirable yellow tones. Particularly suitable for pickling.

The result will be a precise and controlled bleaching service with high cosmetic action.

The powder texture is enriched with blue pigment to neutralise yellow tones during the bleaching service. The formula is also enriched with a mixture of sugars and amino acids capable of restructuring and respecting the hair structure.

  • Blue bleaching powder
  • Precise lightening techniques
  • Up to 7 lightening tones
  • Blue pigment
  • Neutralises undesirable warm tones
  • Ideal for pickling services
  • Mixture of sugars and amino acids
  • Apply mixed with Coactivator Cream at 10/20/30 or vol ratio 1:2 for use in foil and
  • With ratio 1:1.5 for free hand techniques
  • Leave on for 45 minutes

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